Hanging tags with or without a fastener

Addition of the fastener type of your choosing


Printed tags with 1 to 7 colours on paper up to 350 grams, die-cut and shipped within 24 hours, all thanks to every processing activity being completed directly by us.

This is all guaranteed due to us being set up with the latest-technology printing machinery, all in-house.
Having capillary control over all processing phases, we can best organise all phases of production.

Even if it is a simple tag, it can be:

- in laminated cardboard
- hot-stamped
- plasticised in matte or glossy
- die-cut and perforated
- with a metal ring
- threaded with any material of your choosing
- printed in relief

These are some of the processes we can offer you.
Now, it’s up to you to make your choice!