Four-colour digital printing

The photograph of your shoes printed directly on the label

When colour helps!

You never have to be unprepared again whenever a customer asks you to create labels printed in full colour, printed with a photograph of the footwear contained in the box or the country of origin’s flag. All you have to do is send us all the specifications and we will take care of the rest!

In 90% of cases, we are already aware of what your customer wants to have printed on the label. So simply send us the order with the variable data and photographs. Firstly, we will submit a digital layout for initial approval, after which we will send the samples of the printed labels to you or to the customer directly. Then, after receiving final approval, we will go to print with your order!

The colours in real life can vary from those seen on a computer monitor, hence why we want to ensure that what you receive is exactly what your customer wants.

Of late, more and more customers request a label printed in colour with the photograph of the shoe or with a written description of the materials from which it is made. With us, this is no problem!

What’s more, if it is a die-cut we already have in our warehouse—considering that we have some 1,500 variations—we can send you the ordered goods within 24 hours of your confirmation.

Hence, not only can we print your labels with the variable data and in full colour, we can also offer you unparalleled speed in execution!