The last thing you’ll need to worry about is the label

We understand your needs!

Not just simple labels

With so much to be done in the office, it can happen that you forget to order the labels and/or hangtags necessary for footwear production. Unfortunately, this kind of distraction can even prove to quite costly, such as with orders involving penalties for late delivery or even cancellation of the order

due to your supplier being too late in delivering the labels to be applied.

You never have to worry about this with us, thanks to our graphic design studio and all our work being done in-house, carried out with the latest machinery. This allows us to send you order within 24 hours from receipt of your request. In 87% of cases, if the order arrives before noon, we can even send it off the very same evening.

We define ourselves as professionals in our sector, given that we have been printing labels with barcodes for over 20 years and can truly say that they hold no surprises for us! From the first labels printed just with a barcode through to the present day, the barcode is the only feature to have remained unchanged, despite the types having nonetheless evolved in terms of the amount of variable data contained within. Even the adhesive used to attach the label is different—attaching to the sole requires greater grip whilst for the box, a removable and repositionable adhesive can even be used.

Did you know that there are over 10 different types of barcode? The barcode type varies depending on the consumer goods sector in which the type of the famous vertical lines is required.

We print all variable data directly—including barcodes and even on hangtags—saving time for those having to apply them.